Friday, June 18, 2010

Vienna - Saint Stevens Church

OK...I have to admit I know very little about Saint Stevens church...let's see...first, it's old, quite old 'cause it was built in 1100 something. It's also a cathedral (just found that out). The interesting piece here is the cleaning that is going on. The top of the spire has been cleaned, you can see the light colored stone trailing into the sky. Compare that with the very dark roof to the lower left. It relaly is very black and waiting its turn to be cleaned.
Now comes the interesting part...the lower tower. You can't just cover up a national treasure and not let the tourists see it in its beauty so...they have taken a picture of that portion of the church and used the greatly enlarged photograph to cover up the church portion that is behind cleaned...literally behind the "scenes". The contrast truly is quite striking.
The interior of the cathedral is spectacular. They have 2 organs in the church, the one in the front, just barely visible on the right side, has a gorgeous sound. We were fortunate to be there to hear a young man playing on it. He may well have been tuning it but it sounded wonderful anyway. There's a second huge organ in the back that takes up the entire width of the church. I'd love to hear the sounds that one puts out.
The interesting thing about this cathedral is the placement of the pulpit. I must admit I am accustomed to finding it located in the very front of the church. This one is about midway in the seating area and raised quite high - a very different placement that I expected.
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