Friday, June 25, 2010

Budapest Zoo

I have to admit...I am addicted to zoos so when I saw the sign for the Budapest Zoo, I knew I had to go. What a treat!

First of all, it is really easy to get around Budapest so it was no problem taking the metro out there - it's actually close enough to walk to but since it was raining, I happily took the metro. The zoo was originally built in the 1800's in the center of an extensive park. The park is still there with meandering walks, although there are a couple of large streets that wind through it now. They didn't go for the idea of animals being housed in squat cement buildings...their buildings and grounds are spectacular.
The current buildings were primarily built in the early 1900's, designed with the artistic flair common in that time period in Hungary. The entrance is a domed archway with huge elephant statues in front. The columns extend on each side to smaller, ornate archways. Once through, you enter into a beautiful botanical garden. I happily began wandering the paths.
This picture looks to me like the outside of a small church, with the stained glass windows lining the side of the building. The only discordant feature is the wooden structure on the left...but then you see the warthogs rooting around in the grass and mud below and you realize it's just part of an animal enclosure.
I did take some pictures of animals (hehehe). This was a really cool session the woman did with the Harbor Seal. She had the seal do a lot of things I've seen before, come close, go out, touch the red baton, bring back an object, and the seal readily did everything. The coolest thing was the "kiss" he gave her. She leaned way down and he came up and touched her cheek. I didn't quite catch it...
Stay tuned...more on zoos coming....

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