Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Matthias Church

The original Matthias Church was built in the 11th century, however, it too has been destroyed during the many occupations of different countries. Not much of the original exists any more. The church has been rebuilt and is currently being restored - only a small portion of it was open to the publish.
The most outstanding thing in this church is the incredible colors found on the walls. This small section barely shows the gorgeous colors throughout the church (lighting wasn't great). They also have some beautiful stained glass windows and elaborate statues. I've been very surprised to see the stand where the priest would deliver the sermon being located in the middle of the church. They're usually very ornate with many statues and a circular staircase. Sadly my pictures didn't come out but stay tuned...Jeff's probably did. I'll do another album sometime in the future - then I'll have some of his pictures too. 

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