Monday, June 28, 2010

Wine Stories in the Cellars

Producing wine is a lot of hard work…that seems pretty obvious, I know, but listening to our exuberant tour guide tell us all about it made me really tired just thinking of everything they have to do.
It starts with the little plants…it’s not enough to put the 10,000 plants out in the vineyard in the spring to start their growth, oh no. You have to then dig up the same 10,000 plants in the fall and put them in the underground cellar for the winter. Then, come spring, you get to plant all 10,000 of them again! That all by itself seems like a lot of work. You still have to go through the weeding and clipping off all of the trailing vines and then pick the grapes - by hand here in Hungary. Our guide was great as she demonstrated how the presses worked and how some things had to be pressed by hand - not much has been mechanized h ere. Her exuberance was catching and endearing - even though we had to wait throughout the entire story for Csaba to interpret for us.

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