Monday, June 28, 2010

Wine Tasting in Villany

Lisa, Csaba, Jeff and I took a train from Budapest out to Villany, a famous wine region in Hungary. It was a great journey, traveling through lots of green  countryside, all the greener due to the great amount of rain they’ve been having. We saw many ponds along our way, ponds that were really supposed to be fields the farmers were planting.

We stayed in a great inn in Villany - up on the top of the hill, almost outside the town with a great view of the vineyards from our window. The guest rooms in the inn had interesting names…ours was “Portugeiser” and another we saw was “Cabernete”, “Merlot” and more from one of the wines they sellThey, of course, were part of the Blum Winery and, of course, were very willing to arrange for us to go on a cellar tour for the evening.

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