Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zagreb Zoo

Today we followed the paths for the zoo, ready for another experience. The zoo is smaller than the one in Budapest but also quite nice. The location is gorgeous - set this time within a botanical garden, without the old, historical buildings. The coolest part is that the enclosures are integrated into the gardens, making the areas very interesting and offering different kinds of enrichment for the animals.
The various monkey enclosures have taken advantage of many of these opportunities. The trees give them lots of places to climb and browse from and various ropes and water features offer further opportunities for the animals to play. The two shown here had a great time playing with the lily pads, jumping around each other and finally succeeding in snagging a leaf and running off into the branches to munch on it.
They had some very interesting displays, a huge reptile house that wound around forever, upstairs and down. The way they set it up made you feel like the building was much larger than it was - and some of the spaces were quite large!
There were a fair number of babies, though most were quite difficult to spot and impossible to get pictures of. The little seal obliged us by laying apart from his parents. It was cute to watch these little squirms and butt wiggling as he lay in the sun sleeping.

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