Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zagreb - Maksimir Park

I realize that none of you know that I love zoos. So…just to do something different, I decided to explore the zoo in Zagreb, after all, it was a new country, new zoo, new setting. This time Jeff came along with me, figuring it was the only way he’d get to see me that day. Actually, we found that the zoo was in a large park and it really did look like a great place to explore on one of our few rain-free days.

The tram runs right out to the park, dropping you across from the entrance (love city planning like this). Now I must admit, the park looks like many others, long paths peppered with a couple of well-placed eateries (outdoor, of course), benches to sit on, wide areas for bikes and trykes and wagons…generally all those things that appeal to families and kids and general running around. Further up there are both fields for playing in and paths winding through the forest for hiking in…great variety for everyone.
The park has some neat features in it, including an echo gazebo. It was a building originally built 100 years or so ago with amazing acoustics that make the tiniest sound echo. It was amazing to listen to - and very picturesque in the midst of the trees and waterway.

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