Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Night Cruise on the Danube

We seem to really love taking cruises on rivers - this time was no different. We took the opportunity to take a night cruise on the famous Blue Danube. In the great tradition of small boats on rivers, we had the opportunity to climb aboard an elegant ship, walk through it, imagining that had arrive at our smaller boat sitting on the other side. We actually got to have the nicest seats because we were upstairs without the windows - clear views of the sights.
The top picture is of the Elisabeth Bridge with the City Parish Church behind it. It's really striking in the night with the lights on it. They have many of the old buildings artistically lit, making for beautiful scenes at night. Sadly, it's really hard to get good pictures of bright lights from a moving boat.
There is a cool church that is built right directly into Gellert hill. We only got to see it from the water (or tram in the daytime) is waiting for our next trip. Appropriately it seems to be called the Cave Church, though there seems to be any number of them popping up on the internet. When we return to explore it more, I'll pass on the information.

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