Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Split is a very small community perched on the coast of Croatia. The train this time was slow, stopping at each and every stop along the way. Split seems to be at the end of the line so this train serviced all of the stops along the way. We did travel through some gorgeous farming as well as forested areas - so green! It just seems so different after living in a desert - the trees and brush smell so wonderful.
Split is an interesting town. A notorious ruler, Diocletian,  decided that he wanted to retire here (he had actually come from this area) so he started building his retirement home, castle, here. It was the town for years, with many of the local people living within its walls. Over time people spilled out into the surrounding areas and an outer wall was built around the growing community. Even today you can still see portions of that original wall.
The remains of the castle city are a honeycomb of meandering streets and walkways - great place to get lost in. Inside there are stores and shops selling anything you could want, restaurants, apartmans (hotels or apartments, defined as rooms with kitchenettes), and, of course, travel agencies. Any place there is room for outdoor dining areas, there’s a table sitting in it. You have to be careful at some of the restaurants, a shift of one table puts you into a different restaurant.

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