Saturday, June 19, 2010

Apartment in Budapest

We have arrived in Budapest. Since we're here for about a week, Jeff searched out apartments where we could have our own space. He found a wonderful one, near the metro lines, good restaurants, a washing machine, and easy walking to many destinations around town.
The apartment is on top of the building so we have a great view of - more apartment buildings! Actually, we can look out the dormer windows (in the front room and bedroom) and check out the surrounding area. Particularly cool when there's a thunderstorm coming in - we had a beautiful vista of the approaching clouds and thunderous lightning display. We were glad we had returned from our outdoor dinner at the Mexican food restaurant just minutes before the display started. This time of year many of the restaurants have outdoor seating areas to enjoy the warm evenings. A great place to dine IF there's no threatening rain.
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