Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maksimir Park

The next morning we woke up early, figuring we would head out to take in a few of the museums and then explore more of the town. We came out to the main plaza to discover that very few people were down there. That was odd because the day before the place was absolutely packed with people. Fortunately, there was that great tourist information place that I mentioned before - and they let us know that it was Croatia Statehood day. We had missed the 9 am celebration they had in the plaza (though I had heard band music). Wish we had gone down to see it!
On the negative side, EVERYTHING was closed, including the aforementioned museums we had hoped to peruse. Restaurants and coffee shops were open and, thankfully, the tourist place but everything else was shut up tight.

On the plus side, we took off to the park again to spend the day enjoying  a very long hike through the forest trails and around the small lakes in there. It was very reminiscent of Washington Park; both in the location in the middle of the city and size.  There were a lot of different birds in the park, including one that looked an awfully lot like the blue heron.

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