Monday, June 28, 2010


Now I must admit, I had never given the city of Zagreb a single thought until this trip. It is the capital of Croatia but that had never come up as a discussion point in any conversation I have ever had. However, I have discovered it’s a very nice, livable town.

First of all, it has a great tram system that will take you anywhere you want to go. Just like in Portland, the downtown area is free. Not only that, once you get wherever you‘re going, you can walk all over the place. We had a great time exploring.

The hub of the city is at the main plaza - that’s where you’ll find the statue to a national here, in this case Josip Jelacic, a famous governor, all the trams you want to take, the tourist information center,  (a must in any city), the apartment we stayed in as well as a fabulous farmer’s market, open daily.
Just up from the main plaza is the Cathedral. Alas, this fabulous building was also in the process of being preserved. The carvings and ornate decorations on the church were beautiful but not very easy to find between the construction. Along the side of the cathedral is an interesting building that looks like it could have been where the church officials lived (it was apparently a pretty high-ranking cathedral at one point in its life.

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