Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dragonflies and birds

We have a great little garden in front of our place now, attempting to hold on to life in the desert heat. I'm actually amazed at how well it is doing! There are also a number of critters that come through...the never missing parade of cats (they're not really pets here, they just....are...), birds and dragonflies (I won't mention the mosquitoes that have suddenly taken a liking to me).
I think living in a desert environment adds a strong requirment or need for perseverance to survive. The critters in our yard certainly have that trait. The dragonfly came in and landed on a dead stick. It's being used to hold up a flower but at one time it was part of the tree that died (obviously it hadn't heard about perservering). It landed and it stayed, and stayed, and stayed and.... I had plenty of time to walk inside, find my camera, come back out and take a bunch of stayed and stayed...I called Jeff, he came out and took even more pictures.
The bird is either in love with the mirror or himself...or looking for his friend (we have 2 birds here). He'll come and talk to the mirror for an hour each day and then just fly away. The pictures aren't great...he doesn't allow us to come outside but...not bad considering I took it through the window.

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