Sunday, April 4, 2010

Driving, of course trip to any country is complete without writing about the driving conditions. Actually, this particular Greek island wasn't too bad to drive around in, if you've gotten used to roads in Japan. The roads are very narrow one lane roads that are open for two way traffic and they wind in and around large, tall rock walls, kinda like Bali. Fortunately there's not much traffic so it's easy to go slow, especially once you get out of town. The signs are fairly readable once you get used to the different letters but I must admit I loved being able to say "It's all Greek to me".
Don gave us a map with travel routes marked out for us for two days worth of touring to hit all of the hot spots in Greece. We also had our trusty navi system as well as the internet connections and maps we could download. We did have to map it all out both at the hotel as well as at a local night club (both, of course, had wireless available-a prerequisite for any hotel reservation or restaurant).

We noticed as we drove around that we repeatedly saw some tiny little churches, about the size of a shrine, sitting on the side of the road. Having seen crosses in different places in other countries (including the US), we thought possibly they marked a spot where someone had died in an accident. We asked and found out that no, that was not the case at all. It marked a place where someone did indeed have an accident but they were saved so they built the shrine to show their thanks for surviving the accidents. There were some very small, simple ones as well as some large, ornately decorated ones - and we saw people all along the way taking care of these small shrines.

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