Monday, April 5, 2010

We'll be back

This small village, the name I must admit has escaped me, had a wonderful clock tower located in the center of town...if you could find it. You could see the tower from outside, but once you went inside and started roaming through the tiny pathways, it was as elusive as a butterfly - there one moment, gone the next. Sad to say, once we found the plaza, getting out was just as hard!!!
Our proprietor, Don, recommended this restaurant we tried out one night. The menu was extensive...and in English. We thought at first that it wasn't a very popular place - it was, after all, almost 9 and we were the only diners. It turned out we were early - no one eats until well after 9! Not sure how anyone slept with such full stomachs.
Now that we have ventured into the Mediterranean we have to go back. The island was just such a treat...the tiny streets, the friendly people, the delicious foods...we're looking to do some island hopping over one of our vacations just to experience more of the wonderful ambiance....still holding out for the family reunion .. 2013???

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