Monday, April 5, 2010

Island Life

Driving around the island was a real treat. We wove over small mountain passes, through pasture land and olive orchards, viewing outcrops of fallen walls and castles being taken over by long green vines and trees. Periodically we would descend from a high plateau, ending at a small village at the water. The sea was such a gorgeous shade of blue and the park benches and small cafes beckoned to us. It was so calming to sit by the water, sipping tea and...of course, checking out wireless access (yes, the cafe had to have wireless connection before we would order!!). It's a good thing that we were  all into reading lots of books and checking out things on the internet - and I must admit it was nice to ask a question and to be able to look it up right away! Have I ever gotten did we ever function, having to wait until you could make it to the library??? Did I ever remember all the questions I had???
Discovered a few things about island life, particularly in the tiny villages that dotted the landscape - stores were not very plentiful - there are very limited numbers of people to purchase items so basics could be found but otherwise a trip to the big city was called for. However, there are always enterprising souls out's a gentleman who had clothes for sale...from he back of his car. He drove up and down the streets of the towns, calling out items he carried over and over again. Wonder how he paid for all the gas?
At one of our stops we discovered from one of the locals that the gorgeous mansions perched on the hill overlooking the ocean were actually for rent by the week or whatever for tourists to use - family reunion anyone??? On a Greek Isle? Azure skies, cerulean and teal oceans (yeah, had to look up some new descriptors for blue). Hmmmm.....might be a problem with the price tag but...

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