Monday, April 5, 2010

The Windmills

You'll notice in the posting following this one that I eloquently discuss the advantages of instant information, the ability to find anything on the internet, anywhere you happen to be - if, of course, there's wireless available. How thrilled I was at being able to locate an answer to any question. Well...I'm stuck. Chios has these darned windmills that are practically symbols of the island, heck, "symbols of Greece" - they're everywhere on the internet - but all I can find are the pictures with no information concerning why they happen to be there! Ah well...I'll join the crowd and post the pictures and wonder...if the library is open and has a book about windmills.

Here's an update...apparently I'm not the only one with the question and I found an answer (on the internet, of course) "The windmills are a widely recognized symbol of Greece.Early windmills were fixed structures..." Well...guess that told me.

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