Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chios Island, Greece

I really love ferries, they're not fast but they're just a delightful way to travel. You could fly to Chios and probably get there quicker but there's something about taking a boat. We spent an enjoyable hour talking and watching seagulls and looking at the passing coastline - not much distance between these islands. We arrived at the island to discover a quaint town, nestled around the small but busy harbor. We walked around from one side to the other to find out hotel, Chios Rooms. It's like a bed an breakfast without the breakfast. The owner, Don, was absolutely delightful and extremely helpful. He mapped out every place we wanted to visit on the island, recommended the best restaurants, where to rent a car and generally provided us with everything we needed. The rooms are in an old renovated house with a great view of that same small harbor. There's a corniche to walk around along the harbor while across the narrow street there are lines of stores and restaurants and bars with a fierce nightlife (it was spring break and there's a college in town). They definitely kept late hours.
The kitchen area in the place also served as the meeting area where everyone came to talk, drink tea, coffee or wine and swap stories and travel destinations.

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