Monday, April 5, 2010

Bafa Lake, Turkey

We returned to Turkey and headed out immediately for yet another road trip, this time south of Izmir to Bafa Lake. The lake is somewhere around 15 km long with constantly changing terrain as you move around its borders.
The lake is host to over 200 different kinds of birds - and it is part of a nature park and bird refuge. At one time, the lake opened into the Aegean Sea and was a popular port but over the years, silt from the river slowly built up and finally separated it from the sea. The villages in the area have remained small and quite traditional, though, of course, wireless internet was indeed available at the hotel we stayed
The village we stayed in is located at the north eastern side of the lake, in the middle of the Latmos mountains with stunning vistas and fabulous rocks - a climbers paradise. We spent a day roaming around the lake and mountains, checking out the rocks and routes, enjoying a hike in the warmth as well as dodging cow patties. The daily routine here includes taking the lowing cattle out to the fields for the day, then bringing them back for milking and settling them down in the small yards by the houses. The older women spend much time sitting on the side of the road, beading and knitting and crocheting..and then working on selling their wares to the tourists who walk by. Sad to say, there really weren't that many tourists when we were there. Sure hope that they also have a market in town that they can go to. Perhaps they head out for some of the farmer's markets periodically.

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