Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gas Stations

You know you've moved to a new land when....this time it's the gas stations. I had become quite accustomed to the Japanese style gas stations - no pump sitting on the ground, just a nozzle dangling above you. Saves lots of space and the Japanese are masters at squeezing the most use out of the smallest amount of ground.
Now...Doha, on the other hand, doesn't really seem to have that concern. Things are BIG here - lots of things are very big here, including the gas stations. This one has 7 sets of gas pumps, with 14 lines possible for the cars. This is just one of many. On the plus side...gas is really cheap here - I just filled up my tank, and it was quite empty, for about $10.00. We have actually, since we moved here, only put gas in the car 3 times - and the first one was the first day because there was NO gas in it.

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