Saturday, September 26, 2009

And even more malls!

The current growth factor in Dubai seems to be for tourists – and what do tourists want to do??? Shop, they hope. They have built so many malls it is unbelievable! They boast the world’s largest mall – by available square footage or some such designation – who knows…but it is big. They also have the world’s future tallest building – including that all important antenna on top!

And the malls!! I’m not really certain about these places. Certainly they want you to come in and buy stuff, however, they really go all out here to attract people to their malls – and Dubai has them all. We can start with the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest by some measure. Besides the lagoon out in front, the picturesque views of the world’s tallest building and outdoor dining, the gigantic mall also has an ice skating rink, 3 movie theaters and an aquarium, complete with shark dives (wish I had had my Padi card with me!).

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