Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dune Trip Caravan

This week we have celebrated Eid – well, to be honest, the Muslims have celebrated Eid, the rest of us have had a holiday!

To start it off, the desert savvy crew from ASD took many of us “newbies” on a desert adventure, complete with sand dunes. Has to be a reason why everyone drives a 4-wheel drive vehicle here – and this is it.

We started off as a caravan – all told there were 20 cars, all packed for picnics, swimming, and, of course traveling through the dunes. Our fearless leader, Will, is an old hand at traveling through the dunes and he led the group with Clint and Melissa trailing behind, ready to help people out who got stuck. Sadly, it didn’t take too long. We, being novices, started off following people much too close, meaning that when the car in front got stuck, so did you! Didn’t take too long for most of us to spread out a bit more. Some of the starts were horrendous, speeding up to the dune, hitting the first bump (it was a lulu) and then slip sliding your way to the top. Jeff did a great job and kept us going all the time – even making it up a couple of times around the others who got stuck.

Even with the waiting, a few people got stuck. The last picture shows our fearless leaders on a race up the dune! Have to look carefully - there really are two little dots there - the 2 cars!

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