Friday, September 18, 2009

Cruising around the city

This is not the easiest city to find your way around. It is laid out in a half circle, centering on the Corniche. Spreading out from there are road rings - B ring road, C ring road etc. Our school is, essentially, on E ring road. OK...that's not bad in theory. In practice, the names change on the roads, D ring is currently under construction in the middle, our part of the E ring has a different name, it's kinda in wiggly circles, making it difficult to figure out exactly where you are going top it off....the majority of roads do not have names. Ah well....

David drove us around today to help us locate various places. The American Embassy for a start.'s on D ring. Should be straight forward but it's not because THAT's the part under construction. go down D ring road...should be a road...and there is have to figure it out. Signs, one would think there would be signs but I guess they're worried about people finding it so there aren't any until you are there and then they tell you to turn right and park. Very useful.

We did drive out to the Syndicate....where they sell the liquor here in Doha. In a Muslim country, alcohol is not allowed, however, they do make an exception for foreigners and hotels. However, you have to register and get a permit in order to buy any liquor. And...just to make sure it's for your personal consumption...the police follow you to your house to make sure you take it home.

As we wandered the streets - and got fairly lost (hope we can find these places again), we drove by a strange building...with a dinosaur on the middle of the desert....HUH? Turns out it's a villa - now why they have it there, I don't know it is.

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