Friday, September 11, 2009

The Dhow

Searching online I have learned more about the dhow than I ever thought I’d learn about any boat. They have an extensive and long history and were used all around India, Greece and the Indian Ocean (as well as elsewhere but if you really want to know more, check the link). Dhows
The brief definition…the “traditional” dhow has two distinctive features (though, of course, there are variations, depending upon where they were made). Basically, they have a triangular sail and, oddly enough, the hull is stitched together. Yeah, that’s what I said, stitched. The boats were stitched together by sewing the boards of the hull together – yeah, sewed together. They used various things such as cords, thongs, and various fibers. To waterproof them they used gooey things like shark or castor oil. They actually still make dhows though these days they use marine varnish and other modern boat supplies to keep them seaworthy.
The building in the background is another view of the Museum of Islamic Art - the same one we went to a while back.

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