Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dune Trip...continued

We drove out to a place called the Inland Sea. It’s clear down at the base of Qatar, right where it joins the Saudi mainland. In fact, the place where we picnicked and swam was right across from Saudi. The water was warm – almost like a bath tub! There was a strong current so you could float down quite a ways and then work your way back. The kids really enjoyed the sand dune – they climbed up to the top and then tumbled, jumped and rolled all the way to the water. I’m sure they all weighed about 20 pounds extra with the sand!

Returning in the middle of the night was quite interesting. Those same dunes you could see in the day were quite eerie at night. It wasn’t easy to see the top, how much gas should you give, what was on the side….lots more questions….as well as many stuck people – we lost 8 people just getting out of where we had parked!!! Finally, we made it back up to refill our tires and head for home.

This sport is not for the timid. While we waited for our turn to fill the tires (you let air out to give you better traction in the sand), a group of cars took off into the desert – it was truly a race track – they hauled across the road, hit the sand and just kept going. Sure glad we were out already!

The top picture has the sand dune on the left - doesn't look anywhere near as high as it really is. The hills across the water are actually in Saudia Arabia - we were THAT close.

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