Saturday, September 26, 2009

Medinat Mall

Next we have the Medinat. The setting for this one is quite nice. The buildings are sandstone with the wind towers in the corner and sheltered dining around yet another, much smaller, lagoon. The shopping arcade more closely resembles the souk where small shops with wares inside and out are found throughout the winding halls. During the cooler weather I’m sure it extends outside – we saw numerous small carts out in the courtyards where I’m sure people set up their smaller shops.
Ah yes, I almost forgot! The view from this mall also includes a spectacular building - at least a unique building. This building is not only the "tallest hotel on Earth", but it's also "the world's tallest structure with a membrane facade". (It's like a giant sail; its exoskeleton is comprised of a woven, Teflon-coated fiberglass cloth.) How's that for making sure you're on top! It's a seven star hotel and you quite literally fly to get there - they don't even allow gawkers to take a look. Views from the Medinat are probably as close as we'll ever get.

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