Friday, August 28, 2009

It's all happening at the zoo...the Doha Zoo

Yes indeed, I am drawn to zoos. Fortunately, I happened upon a fellow zoo lover, Barbara, to discover that she is working with the keepers at the zoo to develop enrichment activities for some of the animals at the zoo. Barbara and others have been working to enrich the life of Rita, a chimp at the zoo. They're also working to make changes for the moon bear as well as bring in an enrichment specialist from the states to help teach the keepers different things they can do for the animals. might think we went in at opening, like normal people. No...not us...we have to go at 6am to watch the feeding and check on Rita and Timmy and Tammy (forgot her name). Isn't that what one does on a Friday (our Saturday) morning??? Turns out that during Ramadan the zoo is closed and the keepers come in early and leave once they finish the basic morning chores - though they'll be back for the evening routine. We did, however, meet Mr. Hussein who took us to see some of the animals. It was paradise!
Sadly, I got some pictures of Kalim (not sure how to spell it), an Asian elephant but they were blurry. I didn't want to use the flash but I should just didn't work well. Here's the best of what I took. I hope to come up with different ideas of things to do for him. The yard is quite nice - pretty good size for one elephant and it already has some things available. If only there was a ramp to the moat....

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