Saturday, August 22, 2009

Elementary stuff at ASD

Guess I should mention something about the school, after all, that’s why we are here. The school is absolutely unbelievable – but I need a guide to get around at this point! 5 years ago this school was closer to 450 students (or thereabouts) over the years, they have added on to all departments, bringing the classes from 2 or 3 per grade level up to 7! We now have around 1800. The last part of the project is being completed right now – the Pre-school and kindergarten wing. I saw furniture being moved in today so maybe the construction is done. Fortunately, this part of the school has parent meetings during the first week, meeting the students in small groups, talking with parents, kinda easing the kids in so they don’t start until next Sunday. We may all be working over there to help them finish up!!!
I’m pretty much focused on the elementary wing here – go figure. This shot is of the front of the school. While it is the entrance to the elementary wing, it also houses the main administration – guess they get to keep a good eye on us that way. The long view is a picture of my favorite hallway. It’s actually outside, connecting the lower elementary to the upper. It’s all latticed, making it a bit cooler and the breezes do come through – at least sometimes.

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