Saturday, August 22, 2009

3D Classroom - that's me!

My room is starting to come together – though it still leaves much to be desired. It is quite small compared to some of the newer ones that have been built. I think the “worst” part is the lack of storage in this side of the building. I have one built in cupboard, single door. Newer rooms have about 3 – double door cupboards. Makes a big difference. I will say I have CLEANED this place out. The room had had a number of teachers only here for a few years each so no one nestled in and made it their space. Well…I have certainly thrown out stuff – and there was a bunch of it. It does look much nicer and I think it will work out well – though I will, of course, be moving things around again and again and again….
Here’s my basic room – great window across the back and once it’s landscaped it will be nice. There’s a covered gazebo type thing outside – lots of covered space for indoor recess . In the states we have indoor recess when it’s raining – here it’s when it’s too hot to go out. Need to rethink my games location – they’ll need them the first day!

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