Saturday, August 22, 2009

Golf Anyone?

I cannot believe it…here…in the land of deserts…sand dunes….dry…dusty…they have golf courses! They are green, lush, manicured – while I think the grass is quite difficult to keep green, I’m sure they have some wicked sand traps! To top it off, people go out golfing in the middle of the day! It’s hot out there – even for me!! Oh well…guess it takes all kinds. It was another stop on our tour of Doha – did I mention it’s not very big??? We have been told that except for roaming around through the various shops, we've seen the highlights!
We did go see the fabulous new Museum of Islamic Art. It really is fantastic. The building is striking - it has been well thought out and is fabulous. We did not spend a lot of time there but had a chance to go through one floor. They have some permanent exhibits and some traveling so we'll be able to go back there periodically to check it out. There's also another view of it with a long, sweeping entrance way. Next time we go I'll have to look for a shot from there.

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