Thursday, August 13, 2009

Villagio Mall

Can’t move into a place without exploring some of the things around us – and of course there’s the issue of buying food, locating stores, things to do. We started out with spots nearby….most notably the Villagio Mall
Villagio mall is a spectacular place that, sadly, looks like malls anywhere EXCEPT….it has the Venice canal running down the middle of it!  (A side note here… there’s a Villagio in Nagoya, complete with the canal, though their canal is outside, along with a number of shops.) NOTHING is outside here, everything can be found below a pale blue whispy cloud covered ceiling with air conditioning set to 70 degrees (or so it seems like). The clothing and handbag stores outnumber all other stores by about 30 to 1. There are also jewelry stores and then the answer to Wal-Mart – Carrfoeur - a general, all purpose, buy anything at a decent price store. Needless to say, we’ve been there a lot.

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