Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tour of Doha

Our neighbor, Roeland, took us for a drive about town one Friday morning. It is their holy day so the roads are very clear – unlike most of the time when they are chock-full of cars. We drove out to the “Pearl” district – a very ritzy section of town. It’s a man-made island off the Corniche (waterfront) and it is made for the VERY well-to-do. The picture is one row of the shops. You’ll notice a lack of people out and about because nothing opens on Friday until late afternoon. Since we wouldn’t buy much there anyway, it was ok to walk about and window shop a bit. The yachts in the harbor were unbelievable! Jeff got some good shots – I’ll post them later on.
In the background of the Pearl shops, you'll see a number of building cranes - this area is only partially finished at this point. In fact, I'd say most of Doha is only partially finished. There are cranes and building going on EVERYWHERE here - someone said it was the land of a thousand cranes...hahaha.
The other shot is Roeland and Jeff at one of the elaborate pools in a hotel. There are malls leading off for indoor shopping - it's all about air conditioning here. You will notice...there are flowers on the right....

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