Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visions of Doha

Sad to say, the beautiful blue sky with idyllic clouds doesn’t exist outside the mall. Here it is stark, hot, dusty, dry, windy, humid….use your imagination…I’m sure you can find some more adjectives. I had thought there’d be more crisp vistas – after all it’s a desert – should be clear, clean…shouldn’t it? Does make the rising sun quite spectacular
Well…there’s dust in the air and it seems to be everywhere, most of the time, bringing a blurriness to things in the distance. The wind picks up that same sand, dust, dry stuff and twirls it around until there’s a fine sheen on everything. It doesn’t really seem to be so bad until you take pictures, and you realize that things aren’t quite as sharp as you thought.
This is a picture of “The Torch”, built for the Asian Games hosted here a few years ago. It “held the flame” throughout the games. To get into the “-est” moment….this is the tallest structure to ever hold the flame during the games. While the games and flame are gone, the building was built with a hotel, restaurant, gym and some other amenities.

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