Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wine Tasting

Wine production has a very long history in this particular part of the world and the Croatians definitely enjoy their wines. Having tasted a number of great wines in this area, Jeff really wanted to go out to the Peljesac Peninsula to taste some of their wines. The vineyards here are often found interspersed with olive trees – wine and oil seems to go together here for some reason.

Thanks to the tour guide, I now know a lot more about wine than I ever did before, or thought I’d ever know, or wanted to know. Here goes a short list of things you never knew about either. The most “famous” wine here is called Dingac, and can be either white or red and produced from specific grapes. The wines produced here are generally in a very small-scale – a small family farm that takes care of most of the production themselves with a few hired hands. Very little makes the market outside of Croatia. The cellars vary greatly, from large, well appointed ones with quite a large supply of wines to extremely small productions. One cellar had added a small section for tourists so they could meet in a “nice” area with seats and such, but then to join it to the cellars he just knocked a hole in the wall…

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