Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lokrum Island

The Dalmation Coast of Croatia has, quite literally, thousands of islands. Many of them are very small and totally uninhabited, others are very commercial in nature, some are national parks, some are fairly large and have numerous cities, towns, ports and, of course, old castles to roam around in. We took off to Lokrum Island, also known as the island of kings. It does have a very old Benedictine abbey and monastery and was also where, according to legend, Richard the Lion-heart was shipwrecked, hence the island of kings.
Apparently the Benedictines began cultivating and importing exotic plants from all over the world, a tradition that is still continued. The island has a fairly large botanical garden with fruits and plants from all corners of the world. Today the island is a Nature Reserve and while people can come to explore and swim during the day, everyone must be off by 8:00 pm.
We swam in a small inland lake (right next to the ocean) but the water was clear and calm, and the beach extremely rocky. We also hiked around the entire island, not difficult at all since it’s quite small. It has some gorgeous views of the island itself as well as back towards Dubrovnik.

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