Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting Information

Our first quest was to find the Information center (since we had failed to ask Tina where that could be located) to buy the Dubrovnik card so that we’d have free entrance to some of the museums, castle wall, etc. OK…should be easy. There are always information centers hanging around for tourists and sure enough, we checked the map and there was one not too far away. Great…we navigated the streets, well, to be honest, Jeff navigated the streets, I just followed.  Note the picture...the city is built on a hill...a BIG hill and the streets wind up and down, rarely down on the flats. We found the place…with a sign written in 5 languages. (Honestly, the US argues that we shouldn’t have to print things in English and Spanish because it’s too much trouble and everyone should speak English. Here they just admit that people speak different languages and almost all signs are printed in 5: Croation, French, Spanish, English and Italian). Back to the story…turns out they were closing that information center but there was indeed one on another street that we could go to. Fine, Jeff checked the map, we located where it was and took off again. You’ve got to picture this town…nothing and I mean nothing is flat for more than 30 feet. You are always either climbing up a set of stairs, up a sloped ramp or heading down one of the two. So…we headed off for the next one. Turns out IT also had a sign in 5 languages and it was closed for that particular weekend (don’t ask why) and they sent us to yet another one. We finally ended up going all the way out of old town, across Pilé Square and to the rather major Information center there. Seems like they should make it easier, considering the 1,000’s of tourists. Oh well.
The picture is from are restaurant up on top of the hills. 

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