Friday, July 16, 2010

Brač Island

Blue sky. Fluffy clouds. Bit of a breeze. What a great morning. We headed to the ferry office to take off to yet another island to explore. This time we headed off for the island of Brač, yet another island off the coast of Split.
Brač Island is larger than the ones we’ve been to before so we decided to rent a car to travel around the island. We started off in Supetar and headed off towards the mountains. The countryside is rocky, rocky, green and did I mention rocky? It is absolutely unbelievable the number of rocks piled up all over the countryside. These people must have spent 1,000 years piling these rocks up. They have been used for fences, houses, bridges, churches, animal shelters, as well as just plain piles.  We traveled around, through and between tons of these piles on our way to an old, stone, church. It was, of course, in pieces by now. The area was filled with nettles and butterflies, a gorgeous combination of purples and oranges.
As we wove across the island, we had some beautiful views of the coastline.  We had a fabulous view of the famous Bol Beach, a spectacular spit of land with a small rocky coast. From a distance it looks like it might be a wonderful, sandy beach but, alas, it is almost as rocky as all the rest of the coast. To be fair, it has smaller rocks than most beaches here, but rocks they are. Traveling down the other side we came to the village of Milna. It was a wonderful coastal town with a great promenade along the wharf area. Lots of small shops dotted the corniche, along with cafes, bars, restaurants and farmers markets. Beautiful, gorgeous, views of the ocean, a great trip!

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