Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dubrovnik Wall Walk

Early the next morning we took off for the city wall. The walls were begun in the 9th century, when, of course, people wanted to invade the city. Various changes and additions, improvements and repairs have been made over the centuries until they now have a continuous wall that is 2km long around the city. While they have proven to be useful in protecting the city over the years, they are now a source of income and jobs, all while allowing crazy tourists to pay to climb up more of the hundreds of steps, in the heat, to walk around the top.
The views are spectacular on both sides of the wall. The ocean is pristine and blue, absolutely gorgeous. They have used every square inch of that city to show off its wonders. The first 200 steps are crazy…straight up the side of the wall until you hit the top ridge. It’s wide and very easy to walk. It climbs up and down as it circles the city – almost 2k work of a walk.
At the entrance to the city there is a well photographed small “castle” perched on top of a rather large rock, right out in the sea. It is gorgeous and lots of pictures are taken of it but I have absolutely no idea what it is called…it just sits there being photogenic. I believe the city has a church for every 10 people. Everywhere you look, there are church spires reaching to the heavens. Makes for a gorgeous skyline. There are also ruins to be found, ruins from the 1991 war. Along the outside of the city walls you can glimpse sparkling deep blue waters, craggy rocks, bold divers (yes, the boys have to dive from those rocks), bars – the kind you drink at. There are two different bars that are actually set out on the rocks. You climb down the rocks to find every flat surface filled with a chair and a table and you can sit there and watch the sun go down while you drink. It is extremely relaxing to just hang out there.
Dubrovnik also hosts cruise ships just about nightly. We saw at least one each day outside of old town with another one moored at the main port on the other side of the hill. The sheer number of people who come into this town is phenomenal. They are also having a summer music festival (there was one in Split also). The idea is to have people come to hear the music…and, of course, stay to spend money. It works. 

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