Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hiking Proscansko Lake

The next day we decided to hike around the upper lake, Jezero Proscansko. You can actually get up the lake area by walking from the main entrance and that’s exactly what we set out doing. The trail was well marked and hugged the lake, giving us views of yet more waterfalls and the gorgeous lake. Sadly, the trail petered out and put us on the road the tram takes snaking up the side of the mounting to the top lake area. We kept on hiking, figuring there’d be other chances to get back to a lakeside path. That, however, was not to be. We thought we had reached an upper lake, but it was actually one of the many smaller lakes on our way. We hiked for quite a ways until one of the trams came by, stopped, and opened their doors. We shrugged and decided to take a ride – a very good decision as it turns out. We must have spent 20 min. on the tram getting up to the top. Obviously our little map was not to scale!
Thankful to be at the top, we took off on our original destination; the hike around the upper lake. Once again we started off on a marked trail and headed off along the lakeside route. Once again the trail ended at a road, one that looked like it had been a road for the trams at one time – perhaps a trip to the upper end of the lake. While we had scenic views, it really wasn’t what we were looking for. I will admit, however, we made excellent time! 
I have decided that we must be careful what we wish for. After an hour or so of hiking along the road, we finally came to the far end of the lake and bridge. According to the map, a trail would take off to the right. We saw what looked like a deer trail but since we’d been hiking on an old road, we kept to it, seeking a marked trail. After 10 minutes or so we gave up and went back to eyeball the deer trail. Jeff, being the daring adventurer, took off into the underbrush. With much trepidation, and I must admit to a great sigh, I followed him. This was definitely a trail, small, unmarked, unimproved and questionable. It did indeed follow along the lake, hugging the shoreline, sometimes even right IN the lake. We had wanted a little more rustic trail to follow…
While there were the difficult moment; fallen trees to skirt or clamber over, paths fallen into the lake and great quantities of dead, slippery leaves, it was still a beautiful hike. Flowers bloomed along the edges, tiny little buds open to catch the light, dragonflies flitting among the blooms and across the water. We found a perfect log to sit on while we ate lunch and watched the sunlight play on the water. 

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