Friday, November 25, 2011

Park Guell

The next day we found blue skies and quickly decided it was the perfect day to head for Park Guell – a park designed by Gaudi (the same one who did the Sagrada Familia). It was originally supposed to be a housing development for the wealthy but they didn’t come so it eventually became a park. It actually has the looks of a great Disneyland – the buildings are so fanciful you expect children to be everywhere…and they are.
The designs here are every bit as unique – twisting rock pillars that seem to be like tree trunks, ornate dragon guarding the steps, terraced areas with views of Barcelona City and wonderful multi-coloured tiled mosaic seats (made from what looked to be broken dishes). It’s really an amazing display. The retaining wall behind Jeff has many convoluted shapes and is made up of tiny rocks, more ceramics and holds up another terrace and walkway.
At one time Gaudi lived in a house in the middle of the park. It now houses a museum filled with interesting furniture that Gaudi designed. 

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