Friday, November 25, 2011

Intermission provided by Living Statues

We have been amazed by the sheer number of living statues we have seen as we’ve traveled around Europe. We have found classic statue – that you didn’t even realize were anything BUT a real statue out of stone. We have seen couples, dragons, mummies, workers, gladiators…the imagination of these people are endless. It’s unbelievable how long they can hold a pose without cracking a smile, moving, or even seeming to blink! Las Ramblas, the main tourist street section of Barcelona has many of them each day. I must admit, however, I think I found the ultimate one during this trip to Barcelona. How in the world he managed this sitting position…I just can’t imagine. 

More Sunny Rambling on Las Ramblas

The gorgeous day kept us out roam, back up Las Ramblas and into some of the surrounding areas. As always, we read historical fiction books from the areas we travel to – this time a couple of different old Spanish novels. One of the mentioned a particular church called La Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar. We found it on the map so set off to find it. Apparently it wasn’t in the same location that it was when the book was written. Actually, it’s in the same place but the stuff around it has changed. We had expected to find it located next to the water – it isn’t. The land has been rising very slowly and, we suspect, they done some land building themselves so…the church is now set back by quite a few blocks from the ocean. The buildings have also built up around the church – in fact rather than being free standing, there are now buildings that butt up against it. It’s quite amazing to see things they wrote about and how the land has changed in a hundred years.

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