Friday, November 25, 2011


Las Ramblas, a tree lined, open air mall, crowded with both locals and tourists was the center of our stay in Barcelona. Our apartment overlooked a small street just off Las Ramblas, where sounds of singing, (off tune) happy (at least usually), slightly inebriated (or greatly inebriated) people could be heard…at all hours of the night. During the day our street was quiet, peaceful, and tranquil, though I must admit we weren’t there much during the day.
Most of the apartments had the tiny balconies overlooking the streets, some balconies large enough for chairs and tables, others filled with plants, bikes, or toys. On the main squares and the Rambla, people would sit out and watch the crowds down below. Ours, sadly, was one of the few without a balcony in front. We did have a bit of one in the back but it overlooked clothes lines – not particularly exciting.

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