Friday, November 25, 2011

Dali's Museum

Catalonia celebrates a number of unique artists. Salvador Dali was born in Figueres, Spain, a spot conveniently close to Barcelona and the location of his museum.
If you want to travel to a totally unique, unusual, uncommon, bizarre, eccentric, or peculiar museum, this is it. From the eggs to the king, everything about this place shouts. I have always liked certain surrealistic paintings or pictures and Dali’s Persistence of Memory (the melting watches) is one of them.  Not being a person who keeps up with the art world, I was expecting surreal but not quite what we found at the museum. 
It starts with what is probably the largest surrealistic object in the world – the museum itself. The building was originally the town of Figuere’s theatre but was bombed during the Spanish Civil War and was left in ruins until Dali decided to purchase and rebuild it to house his collections. It houses hundreds of works including sculptures, mechanical devises, custom furniture, 3D collages and other curious objects from Dali’s imagination. The effect is…well…bizarre. 

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