Friday, November 25, 2011


I think that the heavens thought that we were out of practice with walking around in the rain so they again sent us rain to practice getting wet. We had decided to take a trip up to see Girona and, more importantly, Dali’s Museum (stay tuned…that will be coming). Since not all buses can arrive at the museum at the same time, they entertained us by taking us to the small, old town of Girona.
Girona has the distinction of having a very interesting old town, making it a great tourist spot if you want to check out old buildings, winding streets, and unique customs. It’s also known as a great cycling area and frequently used for training during the non-rainy months. The river is large and winds through the town. Along it are some extremely colorful houses perched right on, or over, the river. I wish the colors had come out better in the rain but…alas…
As in all old Hispanic towns, churches, basilicas, and cathedrals dominate the skyline. Here is but one of them we roamed by – I think there were about 5 just along the River Onyu. The anguished looking lion was perched nearby with a tale to tell…”Kiss my derriere and you’ll return to Girona one fine day!”  It used to be you had to scramble up the pole to do it but now they have provided a small ladder…and many people did it! We also found a very unique way to advertise…apparently the letters in the laundry hanging out is a company in the area – and this is one way to keep their name in your mind. Not sure what the company sells…possibly laundry detergent or clotheslines? 

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