Thursday, August 7, 2014

Holyrood Park

Abbey with Arthur's seat
just visible past the tree.
 Holyrood Park, also known as the Queen’s Park or King’s Park, depending who is the currently reignin ruler, is a royal park near Arthur’s Seat. The panorama posted in the next link was actually taken from the gardens of the Queen’s castle.
The Royal Palace actually began as a lodging provided for the reigning royal family within the adjoining Abbey, but it eventually grew, and has outlasted, the original building. Various royal personages have built, remodeled, changed, and enhanced the building over the years. The building is still the official residence of the British Monarch when they visit Scotland and many different official, royal activities do occur there. Fortunately, no one was in residence while we were there so it was open to the public.
Fountain in the outer
courtyard area

The outside gardens were all that we could photograph so while the tour took us through the king’s route, up the royal staircase, through increasingly opulent rooms and on to the king’s bedroom – where, of course, no one sleeps. Each room is decorated in a particular style, generally representing the tastes of the person who decorated it. A few of them have Virtual Tours if you’re interested in seeing a few of the rooms.
The Abbey from inside
the ruins
One of many flowers!
The Abbey is currently in ruins, with only the main vestibule remaining. The gardens, however, were gorgeous, manicured, and totally in bloom.

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