Friday, August 22, 2014

Buddhist Temple

To get an idea of the size...note
the people standing on the
lower platform...
In the area…the Villa is located a bit of a trip away from the ocean – it’s great because you are walking through the local streets. It’s a perfect opportunity to see life here in Sri Lanka but also to appreciate the drivers in your respective countries. These people are quite skilled at weaving, passing on curves, cutting in quickly, and generally giving others lots of shortness of breath (either that or you just don’t look).

It looks like wood but
it's concrete!
Closer in (not requiring any vehicles), there's a huge statue of the Buddha – actually just around the corner from the villa. Inside there are some gorgeous pictures of the many stories of the Buddha's life. I recognize a few of them but most are lost on me. The pictures were important because in the past so many people couldn’t read so the pictures told the tale without the need for the written word. 
The colors are striking and the wood carvings gorgeous...until I realized the wood carvings were actually done in concrete! The interior of the Buddha is a work in progress. It looks like the first three floors are complete and now they are working on the next one. The stairs are there but the paintings are still being worked on.

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