Friday, August 22, 2014

Bougain Villa - Sri Lanka

Call me crazy, but I just wasn't into sitting in Doha, in the blistering heat, waiting for work to start in a week...or more. Fortunately, I happily took off to Sri Lanka for the week, leaving Jeff behind to go to advantage to NOT being admin. 
I am so glad that the Bougain Villa was recommended to us! This was an absolutely fabulous place to
A bit of the garden!
just relax, hangout and enjoy. The people who work here are fantastic,, taking care of everything right away. They go out of their way to make sure things are the way you want it.

My balcony overlooking the garden
I have a great room with a balcony overlooking the grass and walkways. The coolest me all the bats that come out at night! They are at least in the Flying Fox family (one flew really close) and there are lots of them out at sunset. Took some pictures...have to see if any came out.

The food is fabulous – different curries every night – heavenly! There’s just way too much of it to eat it all! Breakfast has a wonderful selection of fruits, with lots of fresh papaya. Since I never can get really fresh, ripe papaya anywhere besides the tropics, I always enjoy every bit of it. 

We were slowly wending our way along the beach, heading back for the Bougain Villa (tuk-tuks have only one speed - slow) when we happened upon an incredible site. There was  an old car rally or convention or something. Parked alongside the road was a row of antique, vintage cars, all in pristine condition. People were stopping to gawk at the cars, look inside, marvel and the beauty, and take lots of pictures! Dirk Pitt would have been right at home...actually, probably would have jumped into one for a wild ride against the bad guys!

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