Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Canals and Lochs

Car & Train bridge open for
the boats

There is a natural canal across Scotland, running through the Lochs on a natural fault line here, called the Caledonian Fault. Between the fault line and the glacier that scoured it out years (MANY years) ago, there is a natural canal connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the English Channel in the North Sea, avoiding the long trip around the western portion of Scotland. We stopped by one of the locks that ships travel through on their voyage.

Budding Sailors!
The voyage down the locks takes about 1.5 hours to finish. The boats enter at the top, wait for the water to equalize, then they’re hand walked through to the next section. This particular lock had both a train and a car bridge to open. When the car bridge wouldn’t be a very big deal to just open, the train bridge had to be carefully timed to avoid any traffic. One of the ships was coming through with a group of teenagers on it. They were headed up north on the ship, doing all of the work required to sail a ship, sorta like a sailing school trip. They seemed to be really enjoying themselves, having fun but taking the job seriously when something had to be done. Looked like a great trip!

Bridge of Oich

Bridge of Oich
Heading out towards Inverness, we came across the Bridge of Oich, a rather picturesque bridge that once straddled the loch. It was an early cantilever bridge that proved to be quite strong and has stood the test of time (built in the 1800’s if I remember correctly).

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