Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NEMO - a great place to play

Water play for kids
NEMO - Amsterdam's equivalent of OMSI - was my final destination for this trip. I had often looked at the detail presented in OMSI and wondered if I'd ever read anything all the way through - there was just too much going on with the girls darting here and there. Lots of displays and active things for the kids, of course, including a section the teens on hormones, body changes, and "what about sex". This one was very popular and very well done - factual without being too overdone. Not something you'd ever see in the states! They even used the outside of the building, putting the cafeteria up on the roof of the building. You could climb to the top of the building and use the water play area, enjoy the sun on the terrace and eat without paying to go inside. You could also exit, enjoy the sun and food, and then return to the museum with your ticket. Win-win for everyone!

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