Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Amsterdam - the first time

Bike parking - 3 layers!
Old bridge - had operated
I love Amsterdam! It is so much fun to walk around this city and check out all of the beautiful parks, canals, and old buildings. I also love the fact that you can get everywhere by walking, biking, or taking a tram or bus. In fact, honestly, I think it would be difficult to drive. The roads converge constantly. There are arrows everywhere and the wonderful dotted lines showing you where to go. Some roads allow cars, some don't - and I've yet to figure out how to tell. Bikes and motorcycles are on the same road, except when motorcycles travel with the cars. Sometimes you can follow a tram, sometimes not. Then you must add the thousands of bikes and pedestrians who wander about in a seemingly random pattern. You never hear horn honks...except from the bikes. It's an amazing web. Have to wonder how the dance changes in the snow.

Dam Square view
Imagine walking through green parks, grass, trees, wonderful willows, as well as paths winding round ponds, canals and flower gardens. These wonderful parks are dotted across the downtown area of Amsterdam, able to be found at any bend in the road. We discovered a rather long rambling one that semi headed in the direction we were going in so we wandered along its paths to discover fairy lights! The brilliant sun was reflecting off meandering waterway, sending dappled lights dancing through the trees. It was so cool to walk through them and check out the infinite variations found on the different trees, different lighting, and different angles of the sun on the water. The video came out pretty good - although I must admit it was best seeing it in real time. Sadly, it's not loading here but if you go to my account on Facebook, it is posted there. 

Our Harry Potter door
under the stairs
We stayed in a small B&B in Amsterdam, located nearer the various museums. This one was quite small but homey and I have to say I loved the entrance...a small door under the stairs...though this time it led to more stares and a basement apartment. We had a fabulous view of a great potential garden. It was sadly overgrown but out in the middle was a beautiful Japanese Maple. I have to admit that I really wanted to go out there and liberate the poor plant! I mentally planned that garden out - wish we could do stuff with our garden back home. Ah well...frustrated gardener here. He has plans to get the garden in order so I hope he posts pictures.

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